CBR 500 Frame Sliders




CBR 500 Frame Sliders

Welcome to CBR500.net The site is now under new management and is dedicated to the CBR500 and family. We are committed to bring you the best products available. Over the coming months we will be researching and developing our own product range exclusively for the CBR500 family including frame sliders, air filters, exhausts, and all things that will make your bike look great and perform at its best. R & D will be an ongoing program to evolve the CBR500 into a stand out machine in the motorcycle world. If you have any thoughts or ideas on improving your machine, feel free to drop us a line.

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CBR 500 frame sliders are designed for maximum protection and are some of the slickest on the market. Other CBR 500 frame slider manufactures use cheaper materials that do not offer the same performance and protection.

Well designed CBR 500 frame sliders should allow the bike to slide easily while it is down and on its side. Frame sliders for the CBR 500 should also be strong enough to support the bike while it is resting on the frame sliders when the bike is on its side.

Frame sliders utilizing superior materials will lessen the chance of your CBR 500 flipping over while down and in a slide. Frame sliders should be made from materials that will not 'snag' the pavement and cause the bike to overturn. Our quality materials are of higher cost to manufacturer but the protection of your CBR 500 is far greater.

Some frame sliders designed for the CBR 500 cannot even take a standing drop and crack. The frame sliders we offer for the CBR 500 stand up to abuse and provide more than adequate support while slidng down the road - your CBR 500 will be well protected.


These durable frame sliders will protect your CBR 500 from low speed drops and high speed slides. Made from quality materials these frame sliders will protect your fairings and prevent costly damage.

Easily install these frame sliders with simple mounting points. The materials used in these CBR 500 frame sliders are extra tough and wont crack or chip in a slide out.